icu2 reunited

I can hear you say it already...

"WTF happened to iCU2 dude!?!?"

Sadly, iCU2 has closed down after over a decade of bringing fun and friendship to 100,000's of people over the years. There were numerous factors involved, but it basically boiled down to all of the free video chat services that popped up, iCU2 was no longer a viable business and was losing money, rather than making enough to even keep the servers alive.

Kevin, the owner, has graciously let me take over use of the domain name to help bring those friends back together.

We have a Facebook page available where you can get in touch with old friends from the iCU2 Video Chat day and have added some free chat rooms for you to use and catch up with old friends

You can find the Facebook page by clicking here . Hopefully in time, I may be able to resurrect the old WordPress site so that you can login and locate your old friends. Until then, Happy Chatting!

Want to chat a bit ? Click one of the links below!


iCu2 Video Chat